ParexNaturals is a venture of PAREX, which was established and incorporated in 1978 as an allopathic formulations company with its head office and works in Mohali, Punjab. PAREX manufactures hundreds of quality formulations in tablets, capsules, injectables, opthalmics, syrups for the domestic as well as International market.

Alas, something was missing in the world which PAREX wanted to provide after the allopathic experience of 3 decades. To be precise, the ability to address disorders in a way that would be safe, free from side effects and permanently alleviate symptoms by healing the underlying cause of disease. This was the dream of Jagdeep Singh, the founder and Managing Director of PAREX.

Years of research and labour yielded our first product, Junaid-SR which seemed nothing short of a miracle. Junaid-SR managed to do things that were not thought possible by modern medicine like dealing with blockages, gangrene and paralytic stroke.

This was the beginning of an era. An era, where diseases and disorders no longer needed to be managed for a lifetime. Soon enough in the following years, through rigorous trials, ParexNaturals evolved into what it is today with a therapy system that can address most diseases and disorders present today especially where other therapy systems lacked.

This was done by adopting two pronged approach.

The first, done over several years by acquiring knowledge about various natural elements and their functions to ultimately devise a system where these elements – herbals, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants would be used in combination to elicit the best possible effect on the human body.

The second, was finding different, unique methods of formulation that would make products standardised, more potent and inherently more effective.

ParexNaturals now intends to restore the faith of people in treatments using naturals, to its former glory which was taken away because of corporate greed (British Raj/Big Pharma), cheats who played with lives for money and products which provided only temporary relief while the disorder persisted.

ParexNaturals is a living testament to the true power of naturals.

Our Vision - To be the safest, most effective and holistic therapy system in the world.

Our Mission- To work towards advancing the healthcare system by providing humanity with treatment solutions that maximise the potential of natural treatments and ensure the best patient outcomes.