Peripheral Artery Disease / Blockage of Arteries / Gangrene

Mohan Lal, 48, Resident of Village Kari-Sari, District Hoshiarpur had developed a problem with his legs 5 years ago. He was unable to walk and his feet and toes also started rotting. He got a CT Scan done from a Hospital in Jalandhar which showed acute deposition of plaque in his aortoiliac arteries which supplies blood to both legs. He was advised by Doctors to go to PGI Chandigarh. Accordingly he got admitted to PGI where he was advised to get his legs amputated. But he was unwilling. He then came to ParexNaturals for help. After just two months treatment, he is about 80% better and can now walk with ease. Treatment continues for remaining issues. Except for a minor wound on one toe, he has totally recovered and has saved himself from a double amputation.


I am a patient of Hypertension for the last 13-14 years. I have been regularly taking Allopathic medicines but control has not been proper. Ever since I started using Junaid-SR I feel there is improvement especially the swelling on ankles has disappeared. I am walking 4-5 Km every day.