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The human body is an amazing machine constantly trying to remain in a healthy state.

It does this using its remarkable ability to repair andmaintainitself, althoughthe conditions we expose the body to influence this ability extensively.

Everything we do from how we eat, how we sleep, to our stress levels and contact with the environment,have an impact on our body. Certain things will elicit a positive impact,supportive of healthy function and certain things will elicit a negative one by insulting normal function.

This means the net impact of what we do is either helpful or harmful and the culmination of these actions determines the health of body.

However since some time now, we have begun to misuse our body by encountering more negative actions than positive. This is also because in the last few millennia, especially the last 100 years, there have been tremendous changes in the way we live.

Humans in the form we are today have existed for somewhere between 200,000 years to 300,000 years. Our genetic makeup has not changed since then, which means our body’s requirements are the same aswhat they were then.

For the most part of this period humans have hunted for meat and gathered fresh vegetables and fruits, and consumed this food based on availability – which was rather infrequent compared to today.

We had clean air and water, fresh and organic food from nutrient rich soils, and plenty of exercise and sunlight.

Around 10,000 to 11,000 years ago, we settled down and began to repetitively cultivate the same piece of land. We began consuming grains as our staple and drastically reduces meat and vegetables.

Then came the industrial revolution about 250 years ago where innovation and pollution grew hand in hand.

And fairly recently, we have learned to genetically modify our food, cultivate extremely high yields, process and refine our foods, and store themfor prolonged periods of time.

Most of these changes however, are adding on to the negative impact towards our health. These negative impactsare part of what can be termed as THE ROOT CAUSE.

What Does “ ROOT CAUSE” Mean?

Afterall, getting sick is not random.It is because a state of disorder exists within the body.

When any physical ailment arises, our first impulse is to treat the symptom that is bothering us or appearing abnormal in tests. However, we fail to realise that these symptoms are a way for our body to tell us that something abnormal is happening within.

On taking a deeper look, it is possible to identify the likely causes of the abnormality – THE ROOT CAUSE - which if addressed, helps in preventing and often reversing the disorder.

For example - If a person has a heart blockage, conventional treatment simply tries to reduce cholesterol levels, reduce viscosity of blood, reduce blood volume and dilate the blood vessels using drugs. Most likely the outcome will include implanting a stent or bypassing that artery. This however does not address the real reasons behind why there is atherosclerosis in a person’s arteries – which has been found to be oxidative stress, inflammation and deficiency of nutrients.

What Are The Possible ROOT CAUSES?

It is common knowledge that over the last few decades there has been a rise in chronic illness and even certain acute illnesses. There has also been a significant change in the way of life since then which has had a profound yet underrated contribution towards this rise in disease.

These changes are diverse in nature and have slowly become the norm over the years. Although the physiological implications of these changes are vast and complicated, they shall be discussed briefly.

One of the most significant contributors to the list because of the depth of impact it has on a person’s health.The topic of food is extensive owing to the variety of foods available and the manyopinions being circulated about what is and what is not good for you. A diet can be poor if there is inadequate nutrition,an imbalance of nutrients,consumption of foods with toxic components and inappropriate quantities or timing. ...
One of the most underestimated factors on this list. Stress is not just for adults who have exhausting jobs or unfortunate circumstances but rather something everyone regardless of age, lifestyle, gender or status can be afflicted with. Stress can be physical as well as mental. Physical stress can be from things like trauma, injuries, illness, rigorous physical activity and even poor sleep. Mental stress usually stems from job dissatisfaction, domestic issues, financial issues and even an unhealthy attitude towards life. Everyone can be affected in their own ways...
Air, waterand soil pollutants all manage to find their way into our body some way or another. They may be heavy metals, solvents, other harmful chemicals, pesticides, harmful gases, particulate matter or even pathogens. Since humans are the highest in the food chain, pollutants tend to accumulate in the highest quantities in human bodies. Toxins are generally those substances which are approved for used in certain products but still may have harmful effects in the body....
Getting up, getting ready, commuting to work, sitting in an office, staring at a screen, commuting to home, looking atanother screen, then going to sleep – is typically theroutine nowadays. It does not really allow for the body to be active and outdoors much. This means one doesn’t really use up many calories, nor sweat, nor produce any vitamin D, nor provide activity to muscles, bones and joints....
There exists a pill for every problem. Some people have accepted that they need to be on pills for a lifetime. Some people follow inappropriate advice and even self-medicate. However, most of these pills are only meant to mask symptoms and not really fix what is causing the problem in the first place. A large proportion of these pills also have side effects in the long term that may leave you worse than before....
This has to do with being proactive and making a conscious effort towards maintaining good health.However, there is a general lack of awareness, emphasis and knowledge. This aspect is most likely the biggest contributor towards illness since it encompasses all other aspects.Sadly, society does not give equal value to health as it does to money, status or success and as a result, underestimates the attention good health requires....

The Implications Of These Factors

These factors slowly and concurrently affect the body over months and even years causing damage to the body until it reaches the threshold where symptoms may finally manifest themselves and the disorder eventually progresses into a serious problem like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, autoimmune disorders etc.

Just because symptoms are not there, that does not mean something is not wrong yet.It is important to understand this to understand this at an early stage because damage begins to happen months andeven years before the symptoms.

This also means that after you are diagnosed with a particular disorder, to truly help your body deal with that disorder, you must address the reasons why it happened – i.e. the root cause.

If you do not deal with all the factors that caused the problem in the first place then how canone expect to resolve the issue.

Taking the example of diabetes, which is primarily the body becoming resistant to insulin. This happens because the body felt the need to secrete too much insulin whichwas most likelybecause of poor eating habits, stress and even the deficiencies of various nutrients like magnesium, potassium, Vitamin D etc.which are linked to insulin resistance.However, these factors are almost always overlooked.

Emptying of Body Stores No/mild symptoms

Because of no remedial measures; Tiredness, poor immunity, palpitations, poor complexion,mood swings etc.

Depleted Body Stores / Long Term Deficiency Severe Symptoms / Disorder

Atherosclerosis, arthritis, asthma and many other disorders.

What Does ParexNaturals Do ?

ParexNaturals is unlike any other.

We use our extensive understanding to identify all the things that your body needs to stay healthy.

Our approach integrates addressing all possible known root causes along with our therapy.

ParexNaturals uses the right combination of products and supplements to provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, herbal and ayurvedic products which replenish nutrients of the body, remove toxins and provide therapeutic effect. Using the combination of all that the body requires insures a greater chance of recovery and benefit in the long term aswell.

ParexNaturals helps you with your lifestyle, which includes fixing the way you eat and the way you sleep. Lifestyle is an under looked factor most people are ignorant of since there is not much importance given to it. Most people either do not receive the correct advice or choose to follow the advice of people with poor understanding. This is common since information is just a click away and for many it is solely for monetary benefit.Most people either do not receive the correct advice or choose to follow the advice of people with poor understanding. This is common since information is just a click away and for many it is solely for monetary benefit.

ParexNaturals has a commitment to innovation and making unmatched products for its patients.We use select ingredients in effective combinations aimed to provide maximum efficacy and thereby benefit, without cost being an object. The products we use are made in our own manufacturing facility. Even most of the herbal extracts used are produced on site to ensure potency. The resulting products are unique and unmatched.

When you come toParexNaturals, wenot only ensure that all aspects surrounding your disorder are addresses, but also that your entire body is restored to the way it was intended to function and that you know how to take care of it for the rest of your life.